Website & Graphics Designing

Website & Graphics Designing

What Is Website Designing and Why It Is Needed
Website Designing is the process that comes after website development. Website designing is the process that encompasses a number of skills and disciplines used in the production and maintenance of the websites. The designing plays a crucial role in the popularity as-well-as ranking of a website. 

Facets of Website Designing
Purpose: The most important part of web design is the reason why the website exists. The business websites are based on economic issues; however, there may be many other purposes of a website such as social, educational etc.
Content: The form and organization of website content can be marked under this. It can range from the method of the text written and the way in which it is organized and present, and is structured using the markup technology like HTML.
Visuals: The screen layout used in a site is referred as visuals. HTML, CSS and even Flash are used to create layout, and it may include graphic elements, which can be either as decoration or for navigation.

ElementsUsed in Website Designing
Different elements are used for the purpose of website design, which include:
Markup languages:The markup languages are the foundations of any webpage. The markup technologies include HTML, XHTML and XML, which define the structure and meaning of page content.
Style sheet technologies: The appearance of a page is controlled by the design elements provided by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). There may also be the requirement of XSL (eXtensible Style Language) for creating the appropriate presentation. 

Graphics: Graphics in the form of images, videos and flash are used on a website. The selection of the graphic element is highly based on the requirement of a website.


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